Lives and works in Leipzig and Berlin, Germany


from 2016       studing Photography at the Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig (HGB Leipzig) in the Masterclass of Prof. Tina Bara.

2015              studied Photography at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design, Halle in the Masterclass

                    of Prof. Rudolf Schäfer

2012              received a one-year "Uncso" grant for photographic research in Namibia.

2009 - 2015      received her Diploma in Fine Arts, History and Religion at the Universities of Essen and Greifswald



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2017 'Pictures of Donald Trump', Kunstgalerie, Fürth  
  'Zwischen mir und mir kein Unterschied', Handstand und Moral, Lindenow ev., Leipzig (K)  
  'Masse macht Kollektiv', Bistro 21, Kunsverein gegenwart, Leipzig  
  'Schwere Tropfen',Roter Pavillon, Kunstverein Bad Doberan  
  'Positiones to the Portrait', Kunstverein Rostock  
2016 'Hazy Borders of the heart', ACUD Berlin  
  Annual exhibition of the Burg Giebichenstein Univeristiy, Halle  

Masterklasse Photography of the Burg   Giebichenstein University, Ratshof, Halle

2015 Kunst-Werk Mediapreis, Kunst-Werk Arensberg  
  Masterklasse Photography of the Burg Giebichenstein University, Ratshof, Halle  
  'Hand-Werk', NDR Vorpommern Studio 


  'Kreativpiloten award ceremony',STATION



'Mélan'collage', Umweltfotofestival Horizonte Zingst

  'Dilemma', Kraftzentrale Straubingen  
  'Bildrausch 0815', Frieda 23, Rostock  
2014 'Alltäglich(t)', Umweltfotofestival Horizonte Zingst  
  'In der Schwebe', Pommersches

Landesmuseum Greifswald

  Insomanle Junger Kunstpreis,

Mediastudio, Greifswald

  Studio Exhibition, Künstlerstadtkalbe  
  'KOPFSICHTEN', Studio Alte Kinderklinik,


2013 'Protest', Polly Faber Greifswald  
  Camouflage', Koeppenhaus Greifswald  

Awards, Grants and Residencies

2017 Caspar-David-Friedrich-Stipendium by the ministry of education, science and culture of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
2016                   Artist Residency, CAMAC Art Centre, Marnay sur Seine, France; promoted by the Künstlerhaus Schloss Plüschow, Germany



Project grant "Mentoring Artist", promoted by the

Frauenbildungsnetz MV e.V. and the European Union

2015 Kunst-Werk Mediapreis Arnsberg, 5th Prize
  Working scholarship of the KARO gAG and the Stiftung Mecklenburg in the Frieda 23, Rostock, Germany
  Travel grant in the Author's Gallery at Bydgoszcz, Poland, promoted by the ministry of culture Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany
  Künstler für Schüler - project of the Künstlerbund MV e.V. im BBK
2014 Artist Residency of the Kulturinitative der Künstlerstadt Kalbe, Germany


2015 Catalog, Exhibition: Umweltfotofestival Horizonte Zingst

Horst kommt, Photobook, Greifswald

  Romantic in Abstraction, Catalog Pommersches Landesmuseum, Rostock
  Menschenbilder des 21. Jahrhunderts, Photobook, Greifswald
  Catalog, Exhibition: Umweltfotofestival Horizonte Zingst
  Portraitdrawing as process und dialog, Catalog, Greifswald