Es kommt drauf an              I          It depends

Jona is a photographic series dealing with intimate moments between women. Ramona Schacht Jona pregnant schwanger porträt portrait generation against home zuhause how does it feel wie fühlt es sich an


pictures photography showe a freeze image of a video deals with leaving finding and coming again together in relationsship Ramona Schacht doing video with DIA -Projections Prokjektion Wie es sich die Haut eindrückt How it is pressed into skin moniontour

Wie es sich in die Haut drückt    I        How it is pressend into the skin

Halten wir fest                    I          Let us note

Horst kommt                      I          Horst is coming   

Was nun?                            I          What now?

Menschenbilder                  I          Human Faces